Steven Plitt, Expert Witness Steven Plitt, Expert Witness
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Insurance Agent and Broker Errors and Omissions

Mr. Plitt received his Arizona insurance broker’s license in 1974. Throughout his practice he has been called upon to evaluate insurance agent and broker interactions with insureds and insurance companies to determine whether the agent or broker’s conduct created reasonable expectations of coverage that could modify the coverages available under the policies that were issued. Although Mr. Plitt is a practicing attorney, he has kept his insurance licenses current and active. As a legal commentator, Mr. Plitt has written commentary regarding insurance agent and broker liability. His substantial knowledge of the inter-relationship between insurance agents and brokers and insurance companies allows him to analyze and evaluate the various inter-relationships that exist within an insurance purchase and marketing transaction.  Mr. Plitt has consulted on insurance agent and broker errors & omissions claims. He has provided standard of care opinions regarding allegations of insurance agent and broker malpractice.

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