Month: April 2018

Nebraska Supreme Court Finds That Insureds Can Assign Their Right To Receive Policy Proceeds After A Loss Has Occurred Notwithstanding The Policy’s Anti-Assignment Clause

In Mallard Gutter Co. v. Farm Bureau Property and Casualty Insurance Co., 295 Neb. 419, 2016 WL 7486374 (filed 12/30/16), the insured's home was damaged by a storm. In order to repair the storm damage, the insured brought in a roofing company, Millard Roofing and...

Timing is Everything

The West Virginia Supreme Court holds that when the insurance company is fulfilling its duty to defend, courts had no jurisdiction to adjudicate the bad faith claim.In State ex rel. Universal Underwriters Ins. Co. v. Wilson, 801 S.E.2d 216 (W.V. 217) the Supreme Court...