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Why Hire A Lawyer As An Insurance Expert?

Bad-Faith Expert Witness And Consulting Services

Bad-Faith Expert Witness And Consulting Services

Insurance-Related Legal Malpractice

Insurance-Related Legal Malpractice

Insurance Agent And Broker Errors And Omissions

Insurance Agent and Broker Errors and Omissions

A Skillful Insurance Law Consultant

Steven Plitt is recognized as a leading authority on the insurance industry standard of care. He has experience assisting attorneys with complex claims and disputes that will be decided in state and federal courts. He is a well-known, respected national legal commentator and scholarly insurance law author by attorneys and state and federal court judges across the country. As a bad faith insurance law attorney for more than 35 years, Mr. Plitt has extensive trial and litigation experience; he is a veteran of numerous cases tried to jury verdict.

As a consultant to fellow attorneys, he has analyzed coverage issues in all 50 states and has served as an expert witness in 33 states. He is available to consult with attorneys in cases involving insurance coverage, claims handling, underwriting, insurance company practice and procedure, insurance company compliance with principles of good faith and fair dealing. Additionally, because he has held his insurance broker’s license since 1974, he is available to consult on agent E&O cases.

A Respected Expert Witness

Since 2001, Mr. Plitt’s practice has almost exclusively involved the handling of complex insurance coverage and insurance bad-faith cases for insurance companies or as a consultant for both insurance companies and insureds. He has been cited by the Supreme Courts in 35 states, the Intermediate Appellate Courts in 24 states, 10 of the Federal Circuit Courts of Appeal, 74 Federal District Courts, the Federal Court of Claims and 4 Federal Bankruptcy Courts. He has been cited in the Code of Federal Regulations as well as in 91 scholarly articles.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, he serves as a consultant for insurance companies and policyholders/insureds nationwide. In his role as a lawyer for the past 35 plus years, Mr. Plitt has had innumerable dealings with claim adjusters, supervisors and claim management personnel. He is well versed in industry standards, customs and practices regarding claims handling and processing issues.

A Renowned Authority On Insurance Law

In addition to consulting and acting as an expert witness for insurance litigation claims of various complexities, Mr. Plitt is also a lawyer and senior member of The Cavanagh Law Firm. He teaches insurance law at the University of Arizona’s College of Law.

Mr. Plitt is the current author/editor of Couch On Insurance 3rd which is a 27 volume treatise on insurance law that is recognized as an authoritative treatise on insurance by courts and lawyers throughout the United States. Mr. Plitt is also the author and/or co-author of numerous books on insurance law, including CAT Claims, The Claim Adjuster’s Automobile Liability Handbook, Practical Tools for Handling Insurance Cases v1 and v2 and Arizona Liability Insurance Law.

Books authored by Steven Plitt